A design and collaboration VR toolset designed specifically for the AEC industry which enables seamless communication and collaboration between designers and stakeholders.​


Revit to BIMatrix

Revit Add-On allows you to manage your license along with an easy access to export / upload / launch / issue files

Non-Local Communication & Coordination

A maximum number of 8 users can be connected to the same project, regardless of geographical location

Multiple Viewing Modes

Provides either a VR or PC mode that lets you control the way how the project is being shown. This allows a balance between quick and easy access based on preferences and purposes

Issues Management

Issues picked up inside VR will be captured and stored in the list of projects on the cloud with BIMatrix BCFier Plugin

Mixed Reality & Portability

A studio which combines the real and virtual world or a portable plug-and-play system provides a much simpler interface without the need to source for individual components and installations

Key Benefits:

Minimize and Eliminate Design Errors

Reduce Rework Rate and Costs

Enhance Coordination and Collaboration

Stimulate More Productivity

Export BIM to VR in 1:1 scale

Eliminate the need for abstraction, imagination and the perceive of space, BIMatrix allows its user to view their BIM model in 1:1 scale corresponding to the real-life building.

Teleport and Fly 

Teleport or fly around your true-to-life scale BIM model to review  your design.

Mark-up and annotation of BIM model in VR

Mark-up and annotate your design issues with Measure and Draw built-in tools


Take a snapshot of the design issue then save it to Screenshot album to amend or rectify it later.

Screenshot Album

Enabling BIM modeler to get to the section of the BIM where the design issue has been highlighted with just a click. This is especially convenient with large and complex BIM projects.

BCFier Issue Tracking and Management

Generate BCF file 

  • Export screenshot as a list of issues to generate a BCF file that can be used on Revit.

BCFier for Revit 

  • BIMatrix BCF Plugin that allows you to manage the issue that were picked up inside VR

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