Digit-Alpha Initiative Project Description

The Digit Alpha Solution Set is a professional suite of software, hardware; training and services.

Specifically catered to deliver and aid companies within the AEC industry to be able to understand and adopt Virtual Design and Construction best practices.

By leveraging on best practices of high performing architecture firms, IDA Technology has condensed and filtered the leading solution summary.

IDA Technology has condensed this solution set which helps to facilitate secured construction project coupling with direct compliance of governmental regulations. Your firm’s projects will become more seamless and technologically enabled throughout its entire lifespan.

The technology involved will increase the efficiency of our people, and also reduce the cost of project overheads. We will definitely see reductions of variation of orders of at least 30%. Which is a significant cost for most traditional construction firms.

This solution set will aim to :

  • add quality checking to process, condense quality improvement function, streamline workflow, enable sharing of data with its stakeholder electronically, and developing new skills for its workforce
  • create additional value into work products in electronic format by allowing broader range of expertise to be involved efficiently in the process (experienced input within company and external consultants)
  • act as a productive driver to increase it workforce capability in meeting demand for more jobs/projects, and increase revenue
  • take on more innovative projects, and start to explore new business opportunities and within and outside its original business domains, and stay competitive in the fast changing interconnected global digital economy

Digit-Alpha will accelerate the digital transformation of the ecosystem in Built Environment Sector by jumpstarting actual transformation projects. The solution set will offer:

  1. Assessment of digitalisation and automation capability for the stakeholders
  2. Formulation of digitalisation roadmap for the stakeholders
  3. Deployment of infocomm solutions to improve stakeholders digitalisation and automation capabilities by
    • using BIM to document design and work products
    • adopting VDC practices enabled by BIM
    • applying VR/AR/MR using Mixed Reality Studio to facilitate work collaboration among the stakeholders including client for high quality project delivery with better experience at lower cost
    • managing project lifecycle using electronic records through project information management solution
  4. Evaluation of outcomes of the solution sets after its deployment

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