For Architects, By Architects

By assessing the needs of the whole value chain, from architects to subcontractors, IDA Technology not only aims to improve communication, but to make the construction industry more competitive as well. The solution set will not only increase the efficiency of your workflow but also reduce the cost of project overheads.


A design and collaboration VR toolset designed specifically for the AEC industry which enables seamless communication and collaboration between designers and stakeholders.

Solution Digit-Alpha

The Digit Alpha Solution Set is a professional suite of software, hardware; training and services. Specifically catered to deliver and aid companies within the AEC industry to be able to understand and adopt Virtual Design and Construction best practices.

VR Studio

A mixed reality collaboration studio which allows users to be immersed anytime, anywhere to present and collaborate with more spatial accuracy.

About Us

IDA Technology is a subsidiary of ID Architects that harnesses the best practices in digitalisation and package these capabilities / technologies as a solution set, which aims to accelerate the Digital Transformation of the building sector.

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